Apply for financing for all your work equipment.


The creative sector which is largely small and informal employs many young people who find it difficult to attract better contracts, get raw materials, funding and great talent. And now with the outbreak of COVID-19, this sector is struggling to stay afloat since it is flooded with freelancers whose resources cannot withstand the stretched shock-length of the pandemic effects. It should be noted that over 50% of informal SMEs in Uganda don’t last till their 3rd birthdays and also  majority of them are family based with little or no business experience.  Also, they can not afford to use/adapt to technology for effective business performance. In addition, these enterprises also face limited access to expert knowledge, mentorship, affordable marketing channels, access to tools & equipment, access to better packaging, promotion, distribution all of which affect their ability to compete at a regional and global level. 

About The Program

Tools to Create is an equipment financing initiative for creative enterprises, craftsmen and technicians designed to provide alternative financing for their production tools. It seeks to;

The Facility will create 3000 work opportunities for young women and men in the creative sector.

Program Focus Areas

Creative entrepreneurs and informal producers of cultural, domestic and commercial goods and services who fall in the categories below are provided with working capital needs inform of toolkits to aid in production efficiencies for their enterprises.

Category 1

Middle stage entrepreneurs
UGX1,000,000 - UGX3,500,000
  • 4 - 6 months Repayment Period
  • Bank / Mobile Money Repayment Mode

Category 2

Growth stage, large volume aggregation & production
UGX3,500,000 - UGX10,000,000
  • 9 - 12 months Repayment Period
  • Bank / Mobile Money Repayment Mode

How the Tools to Create facility works



The business founder must be a Ugandan citizen resident in Uganda between 18 – 35 years, with a business that is registered and operational in Uganda.


Your business must have majority shareholding as women (an organization structure diagram showing how the organisation is structured, with names, ages and occupations of their holders, and how the positions of the organisation relate to one another).


Your business MUST demonstrate the overall commercial value, and revenue potential locally.


You must have at least one other full-time employee other than yourself.


The business or the founder MUST have a bank account or should be willing to open up a bank account with Equity bank.

Why you should apply for a Tool to Create Toolkit

Alongside the financial investment, we shall provide business support and learning facilities to improve the productivity of successful beneficiaries in the following ways: investments in production, inventory and logistics technologies; support increasing the unit value of a product by product development; and increasing access to necessary post-production capacities. 

The Facility also gives the entrepreneur access to; 


Launch at MoTIV, Jinja, Gulu and Mbarara.

3rd March 2021

Application Window

5th March - 25th March

Implementation Window

April 2021 - October 2021

Results Evaluation (Phase 1)

November 2021 - December 2021

Phase 11 Launch

January 2022 onwards

Apply for financing for all your work equipment.